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Among Our Clients

Why do our clients choose yacht charters in Kiev exactly in our company?

  • Our prices are democratic. There is a myth telling that boat rentals in Kiev are more advantageous if you contact the ship owners directly. However, we offer identical – and often even lower – prices while the quality of the service provided is much higher.
  • We care for our clients. Having consulted us, you will never receive an excuse or improper treatment. Providing the service of yacht charter in Kiev, we do not offer to buy a pig in a poke: every boat has been thoroughly inspected by our specialists, and you will be informed in detail of all advantages and drawbacks of the chosen watercraft.
  • We are quick off the mark. We understand that boat rentals in Kiev mean an important event the quality of which predetermines the mood of many people. We are always eager to accompany our customers to the inspection of any rentals, even if you need only a mini-scale yacht charter in Kiev.
  • With us, everything is comfortable. We have been working in the chosen sphere for a long time, and our base comprises all Kiev watercraft. You can choose any and rent it through our company on profitable conditions.
  • We provide simplicity. You won’t have to organize a fourchette or a feast – we will take care of catering, if you rent a motor ship in our company. Moreover, the cuisine and the service quality will amount to the level you prefer.
  • We value regular and long-term, mutually beneficial partnership. There are discount and bonus systems for regular customers, and we host various events with quality presents.
  • We are ready for dialogue. You still cannot decide on the type of boat, yacht or cutter that you need? You have no idea if several different services can be united? Feel free to ask questions – our specialists are always ready to recommend a perfect option.

            Why renting a motor ship in Kiev through our company is much more preferable and risk-free than co-operating directly with the ship owner?

            All ship owners are interested in renting their vessels out in any circumstances. And they will never inform you on the drawbacks of a motor ship, cutter or yacht. Moreover, even when it is evident that the boat does not suit you, the ship owner will still do anything to rent it out.

            There is another undesirable scenario with yacht charters in Kiev: it will be next to impossible to rent a boat for a particular date, especially if it is weekend. You will be told that you’d better postpone the event and fix a better date for the holiday. In the end, only you decide whether you are ready to accept such conditions and to change your plans cardinally only to let this particular ship owner get your money.

            If you come to us, there will never be any problems: we will select a watercraft of the necessary class (it may prove cheaper and better than the one you were going to rent from the ship owner), inform you on all the advantages and drawbacks of the boat and provide you with it on the fixed date. All these services come for the same or even less money than the sums a ship owner would demand.

            Renting motor ships or cutters in Kiev through our company, you not only save time, finances and strength, but also get a lot of useful information and an ocean of unforgettable impressions.

            Do not shelve your opportunity to rent a suitable boat for the necessary date – order it right now, or other holiday-makers will take the lead.

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Наши гарантии
Гарантия бронировки

Мы гарантируем сохранность вашей брони на судно. Возникновение любых проблем с вашей бронью маловероятно.
Мы настолько уверены в этом, что, если вдруг по нашей вине снимется бронь с судна, то мы выплатим Вам:

при предварительной брони
- 400 грн. за яхту
- 800 грн. за теплоход

при жесткой брони, вернем вам полную сумму предоплаты плюс
- 1000 грн. за яхту
- 2000 грн. за теплоход

Гарантия 100% отдыха

Отдых на воде великолепен, никакими словами не передашь  всю ту красоту видов Киева с Днепра.

Мы даем гарантию - отдых на воде Вам понравится! Если вы серьезно заявите – что не в восторге от отдыха – мы вернем вам 300 грн.

Гарантия достоверной информации

Наши сотрудники, это опытные яхтсмены, которые ходили на всех представленных судах и объездили Днепр вдоль и поперек.

Поэтому мы даем гарантию на качество информации. Если мы дезинформирует Вас при консультации  – мы вернем вам 300 грн.

Гарантия честной цены

Мы гарантируем Вам честную цену, без наценок. Найдите у любого легального поставщика услуг “наши” яхты и теплоходы по более низкой цене – мы возместим разницу и еще доплатим 150 грн.

Гарантия от неприятных сюрпризов

Гарантия от неприятных сюрпризов. Все услуги четко оговариваются – после заказа вы точно знаете, что входит в стоимость, а что нет.

В наших услугах нет внезапных и завуалированных доплат 

Гарантия хорошей погоды

Гарантия хорошей погоды в летнии дни. Да, мы даем гарантию даже на нее! За каждый дождливый час в отдыхе вам возвращается 30 грн.

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