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Banquet or Fourchette

On water or near water – we will organize the best celebration for you with a feast anywhere you like. Be it a romantic dinner for two on deck of a beautiful yacht or a ceremonial banquet on board a motor ship, we are always ready to arrange the best restaurant menu with delivery to any point of the planet. KATERA.UA stands for luxurious banquet, delicious fourchette and masterly grilled shashlik. Depending on the occasion, the food will be arranged in order to adorn your day.

What to Choose: Fourchette or Banquet?

There exist several rules of choosing the most appropriate form of the festive dinner or supper which should be observed to ensure the party’s success. If you gather together business partners or creative business companions most of which are young and energetic, a fourchette will prove suitable. A fourchette means a company of people who move around freely and choose for themselves what to eat or to drink. In most cases, champagne and light refreshments are sufficient. A jubilee, though, involves older-generation guests and looks more appropriate in the form of a grand banquet. You surely wouldn’t like your guests to get tired and to think only of an opportunity to sit down and rest?

A dinner or a supper ashore, with delicious fish soup fuming on fire and shashlik browning like traditional barbecue, present the extraordinary art of arranging an outside holiday. Only specialists are able not to turn a picnic into an official banquet, and you have already found such experts!

Do you have individual requirements for the menu?

You can order anything you like!

An Outside Celebration with Comfort

Order an outdoors banquet or fourchette on KATERA.UA, and you will learn the true meaning of comfort. We provide for everything, from hygienic requirements to the caprices of weather. If the program comprises dance, we provide the dance-floor, a DJ and an excellent musical program. Tents will protect from the scorching heat or a sudden rain, and compost toilets are always there for delicate needs.

The furniture for a banquet or a fourchette is provided considering your demands because your guests should feel comfortable. If you are accustomed to smoking a cigar with good cognac after a substantial supper, it should be done in a proper setting. Even a picnic may be made comfortable by delivering light furniture that would harmonize with the surroundings and let you enjoy the comfort. Any inconveniences and problems will be effectively solved by our personnel.

Important Nuances of Your Holiday

To organize an outside celebration, you will only need to provide us with the following information:

The festive occasion – the setting always depends on the nature of the holiday itself. There is no doubt that celebrating a wedding in the form of a business dinner for partner company representatives is not a good idea.

The number of guests – there is a nice saying: “Let it abound better than lack”. If you let us know the number of invited people beforehand, we will make sure that there will be enough refreshments, wineglasses and tableware.

The party location – a very important point. Would you like to celebrate your wedding on board a motor ship or to order a business meal for a private arrangement on yacht? Or, maybe, the idea of a fourchette ashore with picnicking elements looks more appealing to you? By the way, do not forget to clarify if among the invited guests, there are people who suffer from sea sickness and who will be only tormented by a dinner in the conditions of slight pitching or rolling.

The menu – wake your gastronomic fantasies up and multiply them by your own financial capability. Prepared in advance, the menu is half of your party’s success. Beverages are usually included, just as the wine list and the spirits.

The event program – is an accurate plan which leaves some freedom of action to you. Certainly, the guests may sit down to table earlier or later than it is fixed in the program, and we will take upon ourselves the fine quality of the exquisite dishes.

Everything that must be served hot will be hot!

And cold desserts won’t get warm!

The seating chart – if a banquet is concerned, it is recommended to think in advance about the way you would like the guests to sit. It is very important to seat those who are on friendly terms together, and to ensure an agreeable conversation, the seating chart should be drawn up considering personal interests of all people invited. For your comfort, every seat at the table will be marked with a name card.

The necessary equipment – do not worry if you missed or forgot something. We will surely remind you of the necessary details and ask if you would like to put up the tents ashore, to deliver wicker chairs or to plan grill and barbecue.

Our specialization is catering, arranging a party in the right place and in the right time.

Order an outside festivity and enjoy the life while we take care of all troubles!

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