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Fireworks over the Dnieper

Would you like to throw a handful of stars to the feet of your beloved? Would you like to adorn Kiev’s velvet night sky with fires for the yesterday’s schoolchildren to recall their graduation party with shining eyes? Would you like to watch many-colored sparks being reflected in the friends’ wineglasses? This is simple: order fireworks!

Two fireworks in one: festive salute over the river looks twice as cool!

Anyone will admit it – anyone who watched the bright many-colored fires blossom in the night sky, fall in shining rains and gleam in the dark silk of the Dnieper. This is an unforgettable sight that moves all hearts alike.

A Quality Mark for the Fire Show in the Sky

We use professional pyrotechnics; everything is licensed, checked and absolutely safe. All fireworks and pyrotechnics are stored in proper conditions, and we guarantee that nothing will hinder the show. Our fireworks are bound to fly high into the sky!

When ordering a festivity, consider: will there be another opportunity to see a cascade of golden stars falling into the nighttime Dnieper? Since it’s a holiday, let’s go the limit!

Would you like to coordinate the pyrotechnic show program?

Nothing’s easier: we always make advances for our clients!

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